Foodies Mania

Foodies Mania, the online fast food and pizza service, established in 2020 to reform the vices of food preparation in addition to obtaining the hygienic means that shall secure the health and well-being of our public with an unforgettably delightful taste at affordable charges. Foodies Mania provides fast food and pizza deals in Karachi in addition with Italian savory items like pasta delivery as swiftly as you’d say “seems like near me”.

Behind The Scenes

Foodies Mania is an online food service, focuses on preparing and delivering hygienically standardized fast-food eateries and pizzas with the utmost dedicated spirit that it will assuredly trigger the true definition of the word “taste” in one’s mind. Our Kitchen is positioned in the midst of one of the busiest areas of the city of Karachi, which is at the F.B Area, Ayesha Manzil.

We hold a couple of professional cooks with exceptional skills, making sure to convey the taste of our food within the people’s hearts. Our fast food deals are affordable to generality around the city and our fast food delivery riders for near me tag are substantially familiar with the key locations present throughout the city of Karachi. Besides having several instinctive yet timesaving means of delivery to ensure our assert about on-time delivery evident. The website of Foodies Mania is managed by the talented team of Lakhani Solutions, a superlative I.T entity alongside with a considerable volume of projects.

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